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Rural Urban Shiksha Vikas Sansthan Food Bank

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Rural Urban Shiksha Vikas Sansthan Started Food bank for Poor and Needy People In India. We Started this Program in May 2020. Hunger Issue in our Country Spread Sharply After Lockdown. Currently We are providing 200 Needy People Lunch Every Day and Increasing eneficiary Numbers day by Day. So Please Support For this cause and help to poor and needy people for one time food and cloths. 

Rural Urban Shiksha Vikas Sansthan’s main object is promoting education, Skill development And Establishing Food Bank in india. We are targeting 10 lakhs people to educate and Food Provide them every year. Our mission searching people who left his schooling in mid terms for funding or family reason and helping people for his education. We provide scholarship and fees reimbursement And Food to poor and needy people.